Remembering Peter Tosh by Ceil Tulloch


  Norman Otis Richmond has recently been published in Ceil Tulloch’s book Remembering Peter Tosh.

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  Tulloch’s, is a Jamaican who teaches English as a second language in South Korea. 

   As one-third of the Wailers, icons of reggae music, the late Winston Hubert McIntosh, better known as Peter Tosh, continues to gain many fans all      over the world. By way of his hugely successful solo career, many people knew Tosh to be a hard-hitting, unapologetic and controversial artiste, who   spoke the truth in his lyrics and brought attention to the plight of the poor and downtrodden, both at home and abroad. However, not many people         saw the private side of Peter Tosh, a man who is described by those who knew him best as humorous and compassionate. Remembering Peter Tosh is   one of the first books to be dedicated solely to the life of the great reggae icon Peter Tosh. This book is filled with engaging remembrances from               colleagues of Tosh and gives insight into the man Peter Tosh really was – both on and off the stage. Little known facts about Peter Tosh, such as his     affinity for animals and a love for cooking are revealed in anecdotal fashion, enhanced with images of Tosh at work and at play.


The magnificent Peter Tosh

by  | Issue 115

Caribbean Beat


“As just about any aspiring author will testify, one of the trickiest things in the book world is finding a publisher. And it tends to be particularly difficult in a region like the Caribbean, with our widely scattered pockets of population and a limited number of bookstores.

It’s a stumbling block I thought Ceil Tulloch, a Jamaican who teaches English as a second language in South Korea, would navigate without too much trouble when she sent me an advance manuscript of a book about Peter Tosh, the great reggae singer-songwriter…….

More than three decades later, I hope Ceil’s quest for a publisher is successful, and that Tosh fans around the world can share this treasure trove of memories and anecdotes from people who were a lot closer to this remarkable and often misunderstood man than I was, among them Dermot Hussey, Norman O Richmond, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Herbie Miller, Donald Kinsey, Fully Fullwood and Dennis Thompson.”

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Norman is seeking speaking engagements for Black Music Month (June 2014)

Trade Unions
Student Groups
Community Centres
Community Groups

For Bookings:

Contact Norman:























Norman Otis Richmond with Peter Tosh.




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